Slide Dedicated to the health, welfare, safety and production of commercial poultry; and
to the continuing education and performance excellence of poultry professionals.

Avian Health International, LLC is an independent group dedicated to the health, welfare, safety and responsible productivity of commercial poultry. We have a direct relationship with companies dedicated to the production of poultry meat and eggs, vaccine manufacturing, feed additives, diagnostic tools and other important segments of the poultry industry and its allied industries. Many of our efforts concentrate on field visits and the training of young veterinarians across all continents. Avian Health International, LLC provides on-site and online continuing education programs for poultry veterinarians, farmers, technical personnel and corporate employees. Avian Health International, LLC also donates time and professional knowledge for the training of young veterinary students in academic institutions of various countries.

Guillermo Zavala, DVM, MAM, MS, PhD, Dipl. ACPV

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